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Our Harvest Route

We will leave our home site of Emporia, Kansas after the first week in May, of course depending on the ripeness of the crop at our first stop in south central Texas. We always try to arrive at our first stop several days in advance so that everybody can get adjusted to the difference in temperature as well as learn the area for field and elevator locations. 

From Texas we will stop in Oklahoma on occasion if time permits before we have to be at our next scheduled stop in southwest Kansas. After leaving Texas and arriving in southwest Kansas the crew is always amazed by the huge difference in landscape, field size and ease of moving equipment from field to field.

From Kansas we will move to Colorado and harvest in Colorado for approximately two weeks. This is a good chance for the crew to catch their first glimpse of mountains if they have never seen them before.

The next scheduled stop is in central North Dakota. It will take approximately two days to travel between our stop in Colorado and North Dakota. We will harvest in two different locations while in North Dakota ending up in the northeast corner. Our stay in North Dakota will be approximately one and a half months depending on Mother Nature and crop conditions. After finishing in North Dakota, small grain harvesting (i.e. wheat, barley, canola, flax and others) will be completed for us.

Now the time of year is approximately the second week of September and part of us are traveling back to southwest Kansas and part of us are heading to South Dakota to begin our Fall harvest season of corn, soybeans, sunflowers and milo. The Fall harvest season will last approximately into late November, possibly early December, depending on the weather conditions.


1063 Rd 135 #29
Emporia, KS 66801


Dan: 620 340-2843
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